DOGE, USDC available for deposits

آگهی از 07/07/2021

Use your crypto to trade forex, stocks and other global markets: now also available for Dogecoin (DOGE) and USD Coin (USDC).

Deposits in DOGE, USDC

You can initiate a deposit in Backoffice’s Deposit section by selecting DOGE/USDC. This will create a wallet address for you to send the funds to.

Deposit fee: 0.5% (reimbursed when depositing more than an equivalent of USD 3,000 per transaction*).
Conversion fee: 0% if depositing DOGE/USDC directly into a USD or other fiat account**.

Trading accounts in DOGE, USDC

You can also keep your funds in DOGE/USDC as you trade to avoid conversions during deposits and withdrawals.

Open a DOGE/USDC account in Backoffice and make sure to select the the new account when depositing your funds.

Trade forex, stocks and other CFDs with low spreads and an up to 1:200 leverage. All symbols are tradable from all accounts in the MetaTrader platform.

* Applies automatically to all currencies and deposit options.
** A standard 3% conversion fee is charged on internal transfers and withdrawals between different currency accounts/wallets.

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