Trading hours during Martin Luther King day

آگهی از 11/01/2018

We are writing to inform you of the upcoming changes to the trading schedule during Martin Luther King Day on Monday, 15th January. Please see the list below for accurate trading times per instrument.

  • Precious Metals — Early close at 20:00
  • WTICrude — Early close at 20:00
  • US500Index — Early close at 20:00
  • US30Index — Early close at 20:00
  • USTECHIndex — Early close at 20:00
  • JAPANIndex — Early close at 20:00
  • DXY — Early close at 20:00

*All times are Server Time (GMT+2).

Normal service will resume on Tuesday, 16th January.

IMPORTANT! We would like to remind you that liquidity tends to get thinner, and spreads tend to widen during the holiday. We strongly advise you to exercise caution when trading on Monday, 15th January.

Should you have any questions about the change of schedule, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

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