Volatility warning: US April payrolls

آگهی از 07/05/2020

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Friday, 8th May: 15:30 GMT+3

Non-Farm Employment Change (Apr)

A historic US jobs report coming up, with potential to cause some nervousness in markets depending on how far the actual number diverges from the already astounding 22M jobs lost estimate.

The employment change indicator shows the number of jobs created/lost, and this April’s reading was taken in the midst of the shelter-in-place orders in most states due to Covid-19.

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  • Index CFDs: US500Index (S&P 500), USTECHIndex (Nasdaq 100), US30Index (Dow Jones).

This is a high volatility event. Assess your risk tolerance thoroughly if trading at this time. Increased volatility is known to cause limited liquidity and widened spreads.

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